BCB_Board Member Conflict of Interest

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 Public office is a trust created by the confidence which the public places in the integrity of its public officers.  To preserve this confidence, the Board and its individual members will operate in a manner which will avoid situations that have the appearance of a conflict of interest.

 A board member shall not have any direct financial interest in a contract with the school district, nor shall he or she furnish directly any labor or equipment to the district without disclosing his interest, removing himself from the room when the remainder of the Board considers the contract or purchase of materials, refrains from attempting to influence the Board in making its decision, and does not vote on the issue before the Board.

 No Board member shall participate in a vote that has the effect of giving money or any other direct financial benefit to the Board member. 

 It is not the intent of this policy to prevent the district from contracting with corporations or businesses because a board member is an employee of the firm.  The policy is designed to prevent placing a board member in a position where his interest in the public schools and his interest in his place of employment (or other indirect interest) might conflict and to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest even though the conflict might not exist.

 Board members shall not apply for any position within the District.  They may resign from the Board and then apply for a position.

 No employee will be placed in any position where direct supervisory authority is exercised over a family member.

 No relative of an employee will be shown preference for employment in any position.

 No Board member shall advocate or cause the employment, appointment promotion, transfer, or advancement of a family member to an office or position within the School District, nor shall any Board member participate in his official capacity as a Board member regarding a matter relating to the employment or discipline of a family member.

 A family member is defined as a spouse, parent, sibling, child, grandparent or grandchild; or an individual living in the employee/board members home. 


Adoption Date: 11/9/80

Amended: 10/19/88

Amended: 9/20/90

Amended: 4/17/14

Tanya Greenwell,
May 19, 2014, 1:41 PM