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KF_E_Community Use of School Facilities Rental Agreement

Code: KF-E

Date: ________________

All persons using and renting school premises or property, fixtures, and appurtenances thereto, which persons are hereinafter referred to as LESSEE, shall at all times keep such premises and property in a clean, sightly, and healthy condition and shall not use or suffer or permit any person or persons to in any manner whatsoever use said premises or property for any purpose in violation of the laws of the United States and State of Wyoming or ordinances and regulations of the City (Town) of __________ or any lawful authority.  Upon the expiration of any lease, right, or permit to use such premises or property, such LESSEE shall yield and surrender back to the school all of said premises and property in the same condition of cleanliness, repair, and sightliness as when received, loss by fire and reasonable wear-and-tear excepted. 


In the event said premises and property are not kept in a clean, sightly and healthy condition or are not surrendered back to the school in the same condition of cleanliness, repair, and sightliness as when received, the school may replace such premises and property to the same condition of repair, sightliness, healthfulness, and cleanliness as existed when said premises or property were received by the LESSEE, and such LESSEE agrees, by acceptance of the right to lease or use said premises and property, to pay to the school, in addition to any rents to be paid, the expenses incurred by the school in thus restoring such premises and property, together with all costs and attorney fees incurred by the school in collecting the amount thereof from the LESSEE. 


User does further agree to indemnify and hold the Board of Trustees, all school district employees, and the school district, harmless from any and all liability arising out of any injury or property damage in any way associated with the use of the facilities by user, its members and/or invitees (guests).  User agrees to reimburse all costs paid by District or its insurer to repair or replace damaged property and all costs and attorney fees to defend any claim brought against District, its Board of Trustees or employees, and to pay any damage which District, its Board of Trustees or employees may be required to pay as a result of any claim arising out of the use by user, including claims of negligence against District, its Board of Trustees or employees. 

                                                                               - - - - - - - - - -

The LESSEE has read and agrees to the insurance requirements listed below for use of the ___________________­___________ between the hours of ___________­__ and __________________ on __________________________. 

(facility)                                                                                                           Date(s)

Insurance with limits of not less than $250,000 is [   ]  is not [   ] required.  If required, user must provide proof of insurance when this form is signed and returned prior to use. 

The person signing as Lessee represents that he is authorized on behalf of the organization renting the facilities to enter into this agreement and to bind the organization and its members.






Signature                                 Title




Phone No.:_________________________                          

Cell No.:___________________________


_____________________________________________________Superintendent or Authorized Administrator, Sublette County School District #9  

Adoption Date: 11/19/80

Amended Date: 6/19/14



Fees Assigned

Custodial         ____ hrs @ _____ =        ______

Lighting            (____________) =          ______

Personnel         ____ hrs @ _____ =        ______

Rental              (Class ______)   =          ______

Cafeteria         (__________)    =          ______

Other               (____________)  =          ______

TOTAL:                                                  $_________

Payment is due when form signed.


















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