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KI - Visitors to Schools

Code:  KI


It is the policy of the Board to encourage parents and other citizens of the district to visit classrooms occasionally to observe the work of schools.  The Board believes there is no better way for the public to learn what the schools are actually doing. 

In order to assure that no unauthorized person enter the buildings with wrongful intent, all visitors to the schools will report to the school office to receive assistance from the staff to make their visit elsewhere in the building more efficient and profitable.  This practice will not apply when parents have been invited to a classroom or assembly program. 

Parents or citizens who wish to observe a classroom while school is in session are urged to arrange such sessions in advance with the teacher so that class disruption may be kept to a minimum.  Teachers are expected not to take class time to discuss individual matters with visitors. 

Principals are authorized to refuse entry onto school grounds and into school facilities to persons who do not have legitimate business at the school and to request any unauthorized person or persons engaging in unacceptable conduct or any conduct which will or could interfere with the educational program to leave the school grounds.  

The superintendent or his designee is authorized to request assistance of law enforcement officers in cases of emergency or difficulty in getting persons to comply with this policy and the superintendent or his designee is authorized to seek prosecution to the full extent of the law when persons violate the provisions of the district policy regarding visitation, damage to school property, loitering, or disruptive activity. 


Adoption Date: 11/19/80

Amended Date: 10/23/14
NaCole Stevens,
Nov 6, 2014, 2:10 PM