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The district’s purchasing program shall serve the interests of the school district and the betterment of its education program by providing the necessary supplies, equipment, and services. The Board declares its intention to purchase competitively without prejudice and to seek maximum educational value for every dollar expended.

The Superintendent and Business Manager shall serve as purchasing agents for the district. They shall be responsible for developing and administering the purchasing program for the district.  The purchasing procedures employed by the Superintendent shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the state as well as the following board policies:

1.     The district's annual operating budget, which the Board sees as the district's controlled spending plan, shall direct all purchases by the Superintendent. 

 2.   The Superintendent is authorized to issue purchase orders without prior approval of the Board when formal bidding procedures are not required by law and when budget appropriations are adequate to cover the obligations. 

 3.   The Superintendent shall always secure approval of the Board of Trustees for major purchases of equipment which amount to a considerable expenditure by the district. 

 4.    Competitive bids or quotations shall be solicited in connection with all purchasing whenever possible.  Contracts shall be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder complying with specifications and with other stipulated bidding conditions. 

 5.      Preference in purchasing shall be given to in-district, county, or state vendors respectively, provided: 

a.           their prices are equal to or better than other vendors, and

b.           they meet the specifications of the district. 

 6.     The quantity of items purchased shall depend on the necessity of the items, storage space, availability and economy of volume purchased. 

 7.     The Superintendent shall make every effort to receive full value for the dollar spent.  The purchasing function shall be to buy the required products which during the product's period of usefulness will be the most efficient and economical.

 8.   Petty cash funds shall be used for the payment of properly itemized bills of nominal amounts and under conditions calling for immediate payment.


 9.    Whenever possible, all supplies shall be ordered in the spring for summer delivery in order to keep purchasing during the year to a minimum. 


10.   All contracts which require public advertising and competitive bidding shall be awarded by the Board.  Recommendations for the award of these contracts shall be submitted to the Board by the Superintendent.

Adopted:  11/19/80

Amended:  2/20/18

NaCole Stevens,
Mar 13, 2018, 1:51 PM