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DJ-R Purchasing and Purchasing Authority

The Business Manager shall follow this procedure in making or authorizing purchases and paying bills.

1. A duplicate purchase order shall be prepared for all purchases. The purchase order shall show the items to be purchased their known or estimated price and the vendor.

2. The second copy of the purchase order will be filed with the office secretary.

3. Purchase orders will be checked against the carbon copy and the receipt of all purchased items will be certified by the Business Manager before being presented to the Board for payment.

4. Payment of bills will not be made except on official purchase orders of the district.

5. Purchase orders approved by the Business Manager will be presented to the Board at the first regular meeting of each month. Upon approval of the Board school district warrants will be presented in payment.

6. Employees who make unauthorized purchases may be required to make payment from their personal funds.

(Adoption date 1 1/1 9/80)
Feb 27, 2013, 12:25 PM