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IGCA Policy - Summer Schools

The Board recognizes potential advantages of well planned and well organized summer programs. Summer programs may be offered when student interest or need exists with each program to be offered subject to prior approval of the Board.

In the selection of staff for employment in the operation of approved summer programs, district employees shall be given every consideration. Salaries for summer program staff shall be determined on the basis of preparation and experience of the individuals involved with an effort made to ensure consistency of summer program reimbursement with the reimbursement program utilized for like duty during the school year. All summer reimbursement shall be liable for appropriate salary deductions in accordance with appropriate state and federal law.

Except as a condition for promotion in grade level or in meeting requirements of graduation, no student shall be compelled to enroll or to attend a summer program.

(Adoption date 11/19/80)

(Amended 9/16/87)
Feb 20, 2013, 8:22 AM