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IJLA_Complaint Procedure to Challenge Instructional and/or Library Materials

Code: IJLA



There may be occasional objections to certain textbooks or other books or non-book materials either utilized in the classroom or in the library.  If such objection is made about any book or non-book material used for instruction or located in the li­brary/media center, the following procedure adopted by the board shall be followed: 

1.         All potentially involved people -- classroom teacher, librarian, building principal, and superintendent -- will be notified immediately. 

2.         An attempt will be made to resolve the matter through personal contact. 

3.         If agreement is not reached, the teacher, librarian, principal, or superintendent will invite the complainant to register the complaint on a prescribed form. 

4.         When the completed form is returned, the superintendent will appoint a review committee to whom copies of the materials, if possible, will be distributed.  At the first meeting, the review committee shall schedule a time to act on the complaint and will decide whether to withdraw the material pending their decision. 

5.         This committee shall consist of the certified librarian or curriculum coordinator, the principal, two teaching faculty, and three members of the community (community members to be appointed by the superintendent). 

6.         The review committee shall determine whether or not to withdraw the material.  The material will remain in use pending a final decision.  The review shall be conducted in the following manner: 

a.         The complainant may be present to express his views on the material in person.  He/she will then be excused from the meeting.  

b.         The review committee, having read or viewed the challenged material, will check the information made available by the librarian on the general acceptance of the materials by reading reviews and selection aids. 

c.         The members of the review committee who have read or reviewed the material in its entirety will then weigh its values and faults against each other and form individual opinions based on the material as a whole. 

d.         The majority consensus of the committee will be determined by a poll of the members.  The complainant will be notified of the review committee's decision within 15 working days of the filing of the complaint along with the reasons therefor. 

e.         Should dissatisfaction on the part of the complainant still remain, the complainant may ask that the matter be placed on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. 

f.          The Board will review the complaint in a manner and using procedures it deems appropriate. 

g.         The decision of the Board shall be communicated in writing to all interested parties.  The decision of the Board shall be final. 

Adoption Date:  9/19/17