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IO Policy - Home Based Education

1. Application.

1.1 This policy shall apply to all home-based educational programs as defined by "7.S. §21-4-lOl(a) (v) whenever such a program is used or proposed to be used to meet the compulsory education requirements of a child between the ages of seven through sixteen, inclusive, who has not completed the eighth grade and is a resident of this School District.

1.2 For purposes of this policy, home-based education programs do not include and this policy shall not apply to any instructional or other educational programs sponsored or directed by this School District.

1. 3 A home-based instructional program provided to more than one family unit does not qualify as a home-based education program.

1.4 The provisions of this policy shall be published in the official newspaper of the School District at least once each year.

2. Education Plan and Curriculum

2.1 Wyoming statutes require that a home-based educational program provide da sequentially progressive curriculum of fundamental instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, civics, history, literature and science. The statutes also provide that it shall be the responsibility of every person administering a home-based educational program to submit a curriculum to the Board of Trustees each year showing that the program complies with the requirements of law. The failure to submit such a curriculum is prima facie evidence that the home-based educational program does not meet the requirements of law.

2.1 The Board of Trustees does hereby delegate to the Superintendent of the School District responsibility and authority to determine whether the curriculum of each home-based educational program complies with the requirements of the basic academic educational program as required by law.

2.3 The following are guidelines and requirements for submission of the curriculum of a home-based educational program to the Board of Trustees to this School District.

2.5 The Superintendent shall within twenty (20) days after compliance by the parent or legal guardian with the provisions of paragraphs 2.3 and 2.4, provide written notice to the parent or legal guardian whether the program complies, or does not comply, with the requirement of a home-based educational program pursuant to Wyoming statutes. The parent or legal guardian may, within ten ( 10) days after receipt of such written notice, appeal the decision of the Superintendent to the Board of Trustees and request that a hearing be held under the provisions of the Rules of Practice and Procedure Governing Hearings of the School District.

3. Miscellaneous.

3.1 No participation by School District. The School District will not provide educational materials, programs, services, health care, instruction or funding of any kind to a home-based educational program or any student enrolled in a home-based educational program who is not a full-time student in the schools of the District.

3.2 Subsequent Enrollment in or Transfer to Schools of the School District. The attention of students, parents and legal guardians is called to the provisions of the policies of this School District relating to placement of transfer students who transfer to or subsequently enroll in schools of this School District.

3.3 Attendance Requirements. Children who are provided a home-based educational program are required to attend the program during the entire time that the public schools are in session in the School District.

3.4 Truancy. The provisions of Wyoming law provide that a "habitual truant" is any child with five (5) or more unexcused absences in any one (1) school year and that an "unexcused absence" means an absence as defined by the Board of Trustees of the School District of any child when such absence is not excused to the satisfaction of the Board of Trustees.

a. Responsibility for enforcement of the compulsory attendance provisions of law is placed upon the Board of Trustees of this School District which may appoint an attendance officer or officers for such purpose.

b. This School District desires and intends to enforce and comply with the compulsory school attendance provisions of Wyoming law.

a. The parent or legal guardian should contact the administrative offices of the School District and request a copy of the District's policies and procedures governing home-based educational programs.

b. The parent or legal guardian of the student to be educated in a home-based educational program should then make an appointment with the Superintendent for a time to present the curriculum and the program proposed for the home-based educational program.

c. At the time of the meeting with the Superintendent parent or legal guardian of the child or children shall provide to the Superintendent in written following:

i. the name and age of the student or students to receive home schooling;

ii. the name and address and educational qualifications of any other person designated by the parent or legal guardian to conduct the program;

iii. a U.st of the subjects to be taught, which must include reading, writing, mathematics, civics, history, literature and science;

iv. the grade levels of the proposed programs for each student;

v. evidence of a sequentially progressive curriculum in each of the subjects to be taught. Such evidence may include the parents' description of the courses or outline of a satellite or correspondence school curriculum or the name and description of a purchased course of study. If the course materials have not been prepared or selected by a satellite school or purchased as an academic course package but are being selected by parents themselves to use within a curriculum designed by parents, the parents must describe each course in enough detail that he Superintendent can determine whether skills or content are progressively difficult to provide a foundation for the next step of growth, considering the child's age, grade level and ability.

2.4 At the time of meeting with the Superintendent, the parent, legal guardian and any other person designated to provide the program should be prepared to discuss and explain the curriculum. The Superintendent shall be allowed upon request to examine and inspect the course materials.

4 . Authoritv.

4.1 This policy is adopted as authorized by Wyoming Statutes. Sections 16-3-103 • 21-4-101 and 21-4-102.

(Adoption date 11/20/85)
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