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GBED Policy - Tobacco-Free Workplace

Code: GBED


The school board recognizes that smoking represents a health and safety hazard which can have serious consequences for the smoker and non-smoker and the safety of the district.  Because of the board's grave concern for the safety of the district and in order to protect the students, staff, employees, visitors and guests of the district from an environment that may be harmful to them, and because of its possible harm to personal well-being, the board hereby prohibits the smoking and/or use of tobacco products by all staff, visitors or guests while on the school premises. 

For the purposes of this policy, the school premises shall be defined to include: 

1)         all school buildings and structures including, but not limited to, school/admini­stration building, gymnasiums, auditoriums, bus maintenance garage, warehouse, and any other district structure;

2)         all district vehicles and buses;

3)         the football/track stadium and associated facilities; 

4)         all grounds and parking lots. 

(Adoption Date: March 20, 1991)

(Date of Implementation: July 1, 1991)

Revised:  2/21/17

NaCole Stevens,
Nov 28, 2017, 1:05 PM