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GBCD Policy - Communicable Diseases

Code: GBCD


Any employee whose health or medical condition poses any threat to the health and welfare of the school population shall be placed on sick leave for the duration of such time that the employee poses a health risk, irrespective of the employee's ability to otherwise discharge his or her job duties. For the purpose of defining when an employee has a condition which poses a health risk to others through possible contagion, the following guidelines shall be used.

1. In the event that an employee is infected with a communicable disease or where school officials have a reasonable basis to believe that an employee's physical condition may pose a serious health risk to others (or will present a serious health risk to others if transmitted), the employee will be required to submit to a physical examination by a physician appointed by the Board of Trustees to determine the nature of the employee's medical condition and the extent of health risk to others.

2. In the event that the medical examination establishes that a medical condition of an employee poses a serious threat to the health and welfare of students or other employees of the District, the employee will be placed on medical leave for the period of time that the employee's health poses a risk of contagion in the school environment or other serious health risk to others. In the event an employee desires to contest the necessity of a medical leave, the employee may do so through the grievance procedures of the District.

3. School employees shall be required to maintain absolute confidentiality of medical records of any employee who is required to submit to a medical examination or who may be placed on medical leave.

4. The Superintendent is authorized to determine when there is a reasonable basis to believe that a medical examination may be required of an employee and to direct that such an examination be performed.

Adoption date: 9/16/87 (GBEA)

Amended:  4/21/16 GBCD
NaCole Stevens,
Apr 25, 2016, 7:36 AM