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GCB Policy - Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans

The Board recognizes that attractive compensation plans—which include adequate base salary, salary incentives, and employee benefits--are necessary to attract and hold highly qualified and able men and women to provide an effective educational program. It is the Board's intent to review all compensation plans annually with representatives chosen by the majority of the district's teaching staff.

Administrators salaries will be determined by Board action with consideration given to the assigned responsibilities and specialized training.

All non-tenured teachers in the school district shall be issued an individual contract of employment for each year of employment prior to achieving that of a tenure teacher status. Tenured teachers shall not receive an annual contract but shall instead receive a salary placement sheet suggesting anticipated salary schedule placement as well as other pertinent information. All teachers performing assignments of an extra duty nature shall receive an addendum sheet suggesting those assignments they will assume, the additional revenues accruing to them from assumption of the extra duty assignments, and other pertinent information.

Teacher contract renewal or notification of anticipated non-renewal shall be made in accordance with appropriate statute. A continuing contract/tenured teacher shall notify the Superintendent no later than April 15 if they do not plan to return to the system for the following school year.

(Adoption date 11/19/80)

(Amended 9/16/87)