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GCBC Policy - Professional Staff Fringe Benefits

Code: GCBC


The Board of Trustees of the District recognizes that, in addition to the basic salary, other benefits are considered an integral part of the total employee compensation package.  It is the policy of the Board that provision for appropriate fringe benefits, including leaves, retirement benefits, group insurance, and Workmen's Compensation, be made in accordance with law. 

The Superintendent or his/her designee will administer those employee benefit programs which are approved by the Board of Trustees and offered to District employees.  It is the practice of the Board of Trustees, through the District administration, to voluntarily meet with staff representatives to discuss fringe benefit offerings prior to approving them. 

The board retains the sole and exclusive right to alter, amend, or revoke benefits offered pursuant to this policy. 

Workmen's Compensation

In accordance with Wyoming Statute, the District employees required to be covered are covered under Wyoming Workmen's Compensation and are entitled to the prescribed benefits of the plan should they become injured while at work or sustain a work-related injury.  All work or work-related injuries must be reported and filed in compliance with guidelines established under Wyoming Workmen's Compensation laws.  The District, at its option, may cover other employees under Wyoming Workers Compensation also. 

Liability Insurance

As a part of the district's umbrella insurance coverage, the board of trustees carries liability insurance acquired to protect employees against damage suits arising out of the employee's performance of his/her duties within the scope of his/her employment and assigned responsibilities with the school district. 

Leave of Absence

All full-time and eligible permanent part-time District employees will be eligible for a variety of different leaves of absence.  All leaves of absence shall be categorically approved and administered by the Superintendent. 


The school district will make available medical coverage for full-time certified employees and their dependents in a board-approved health/dental plan and life insurance plan for the employee.  The board of trustees may elect to contribute to the costs of these plans.  The amount to be contributed by the board shall be set by the board.  Part-time personnel may be included in the above programs on a pro rata basis. 




Title IX of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) requires that certain employers' group health plans permit employees, spouses, and dependents to continue coverage after divorce, separation, death, termination, or reduction in work hours, or failure of the dependent to meet the correct definition of dependent.  In compliance with this legislation, the District will extend health coverage to those named by the legislation under the criteria established by the Federal government. 




Employees may request a salary deduction for annuities.  It shall be the employee's responsibility to select a carrier for his/her annuity plan and make arrangements with the Business Office for monthly salary deductions.  All plans selected must be approved for operation in the State of Wyoming and will be administered in accordance with applicable State and Federal statutes. 


Wyoming State Retirement Program


By Wyoming statute, all district employees must be enrolled in the Wyoming State Retirement Program.  By board authorization, the district may pay the district's portion and the employee's portion of all required Wyoming state retirement contributions for each certified employee. 

Severance Pay


For information about severance pay for unused sick leave days, refer to the SCSD9 Staff Handbook.


The board of trustees reserves the right to provide such other benefits to employees as in the discretion of the board are appropriate and in accordance with state and federal law. 


Amended:  2/21/2017

Amended:  7/16/1986

Adoption: 11/19/1980

NaCole Stevens,
Nov 28, 2017, 3:47 PM