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GCBC Policy - Professional Staff Fringe Benefits

Benefits, in addition to the basic salary, are recognized by the Board as an integral part to the total compensation plan for staff members. The benefits extended to the certificated staff will be designed to promote their present and future economic security and provide incentive for professional development that will be of benefit to the district.

In addition to various leave provisions which shall be outlined and defined in the current salary schedule document, the Board will provide several other benefits and services for employees.

Wyoming State Retirement Program - Membership in this program is required for all regularly employed school personnel.

Social Security (FICA) -All employees of the school district are members of the Social Security program.

Workmen's Compensation- The school district shall ensure all employees of the district liable by current law for coverage under provisions of the Wyoming Workmen's Compensation Insurance Fund are properly covered. Should an employee liable by law to be covered is injured while at work, he or she shall be entitled to the benefits provided by the Workmen's Compensation Fund.

Liability Insurance - The school district shall maintain a liability insurance policy to protect its employees from harm if the employee was acting in accordance with the intent of established school district policy or school district rules and regulations.

Other Fringe Benefits - The Board of Trustees may provide fringe benefits to school district employees in addition to those earlier described. All such benefits shall be defined and explained in the current Certified Salary Schedule with each certified employee receiving a copy upon completion of the negotiation process and after ratification by the Board of Trustees.

(Amended 7 / 16/ 86)

(Adopted 11/ 19/ 80)
Feb 15, 2013, 10:37 AM