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GCG Policy - Part-Time Substitute Professional Staff Employment

Code: GCG


The Board of Trustees believes that the role of the substitute teacher is highly important for maintaining continuity in teaching and learning.  An effective program for selecting and assigning all substitute teachers and for evaluating their performance will be established by the professional staff under the direction of the superintendent. 

Whenever possible, a substitute teacher will be a person who is employed in the absence of the regular teacher and who possesses knowledge in the area of assignment and demonstrated successes in teaching. 

A substitute employed ten (10) or more consecutive days in the same position will be considered to be a long-term substitute.  The designation will be in effect on the 11th consecutive day and thereafter in the same position.  "11 or more days" is defined as days in which school actually was in session.  Long-term substitutes beginning with the 11th day shall receive pay based upon Step 1 with a B.A. on the salary schedule. 

The superintendent shall provide a complete list of all qualified substitutes to those administrators given responsibility of selecting substitutes. 

Substitute teachers will not participate in the health and retirement plans or other fringe benefits of the school system. 

Permanent part-time professional staff employed more than one-half time shall be entitled to receive full benefits. 

(Adopted 11/19/80)

(Amended 7/16/86

(Amended 3/19/97)

(Amended 2/21/17)