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GCE Policy - Substitute Professional Staff

The Superintendent will have the authority to employ substitute teachers as may be necessary to take the place of teachers who are temporarily absent. When a substitute is needed in one of the schools, the Principal of the school will make the arrangements, selecting the substitute from a list provided by the Superintendent.

A person who serves as a substitute teacher must have the certification required by the state. Substitutes will be assigned on the basis of their area of competence. All substitutes will be expected to provide educational services rather than mere pupil supervisory role and, to that end, will be provided with as much support as possible by building administrators and teachers.

Substitute teacher will be reimbursed at a daily rate with such reimbursement due and payable on or about the 25th day of each month. Substitute teachers shall be entitled to a pay rate of $50.00 per day for substitute work representing less than ten consecutive days of substituting in the same teaching assignment. After the tenth consecutive day of substitute teaching in the same teaching assignment for the same absent classroom teacher, the amount of daily reimbursement shall be increased to an amount equal to the quotient of dividing the base salary for the year by 1/180 of a BA, Step l. This sum shall be paid as the daily reimbursement for the balance of the substitute teaching if such substitute teaching is consecutive and in the same teacher assignment for the same absent teacher.

(Adopted 11/19/80)

(Amended 7/16/86

(Amended 3/19/97)
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