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GCOA Policy - Evaluation of Instructional Staff

Code: GCOA


The board believes that quality teaching is of critical importance to a sound educational program and that thorough and regular appraisal of teaching, supervisory, and administrative performance is crucial to improving the total educational process. 

A continuous program of performance appraisal of all professional personnel will be established and maintained.  The purpose of performance appraisal is to ensure a high quality of teaching, supervisory, and administrative performance, primarily to advance the instructional programs for students.  Another purpose of the evaluation system is to provide information to management and leadership personnel to assist them in making personnel decisions.  Evaluations may be utilized in disciplinary, dismissal, or termination hearings, but are not conducted primarily for that purpose. 

The board empowers the superintendent with the right to evaluate any principal or staff member at any time and as often as necessary.  The same right is extended to principals or designees in evaluating their faculty members. 

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent and the administrative staff to develop procedures for complete evaluation of personnel. 

The school district requires the performance of each initial contract teacher to be evaluated in writing at least twice annually.  The teacher shall receive a copy of each evaluation of his performance.  The district requires that the performance of each continuing contract teacher be evaluated in writing at least once each year.  The teacher shall receive a copy of each formal evaluation of his performance. 

The superintendent and administrative staff shall develop the teacher performance evaluation system which shall be reviewed with the board.  The performance evaluation system shall serve as a basis for improvement of instruction, enhancement of curriculum program implemen­tation, measurement of both individual teacher performance and professional growth and development and the performance level of all teachers within the school district and may be used as documentation for unsatisfactory performance for dismissal and termination proceedings. 

Neither the preparation and use of evaluations, nor anything contained therein or in any related reports and evaluation documents, nor the absence or lack of evaluation, reports or evaluation documents, or anything contained therein, shall preclude the use or consideration of other applicable information by either the superintendent or the board of trustees in making any recommendation or decision concerning the suspension, dismissal, assignment, transfer, or termination of a teacher or other certificated employee.  It is not the intent of this policy to impose in any manner any expectation of re-employment or otherwise convey in any manner a property interest of any kind in the employment of the staff being evaluated. 

The teacher performance evaluation system developed by the administration shall be filed with the Department of Education, and each time the plan is amended the amended plan shall be resubmitted to the Department of Education. 

The system shall include, but not be limited to: 

a.         philosophy of instruction: 

(i)        a discussion of the rationale of prominent instructional strategies employed across the district; 

(ii)           a discussion of how the teacher performance plan enhances the improvement of instruction; 

b.         philosophy of education: 

(i)         a description of how the evaluation system utilizes appropriate measurement of individual teacher performance; 

(ii)        a description of how the evaluation system supports individual growth in district goals;

c.         personnel being evaluated: 

(i)         a description of the performance evaluation cycle and procedures used in teacher's growth plan; 

(ii)        a description of the sequencing of data collection, interpretation and summative reporting; 

d.         performance areas and performance criteria: 

(i)         descriptors are defined and described; 

(ii)        individual roles and responsibilities are taken into account; 

(iii) descriptors of performance criteria are delineated; 

e.         summative evaluation report format: 

(i)         a format which provides for the summary of progress, results of the performance evaluation and/or status summary of individual teacher growth plan; 

f.         summative evaluation format; 

g.        format for individual teacher plans for subsequent professional growth and development and curriculum implementation; 

h.        definitions of system terms. 

Adoption Date:  11/19/80

Amended:  9/16/87

Amended:  2/21/17

NaCole Stevens,
Aug 10, 2017, 5:59 PM