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GCN Policy - Evaluation of Professional Staff

Evaluations are conducted for the purpose of improving the educational program. The evaluation of the professional staff members is not a contractual obligation of the School District and such evaluation or the lack of such evaluation shall not be a condition which allows, requires or prevents the renewal, non-renewal, termination or dismissal of any employee.

With the exception of building principals, all certified instructional staff or certified support staff shall be evaluated in formal and written manner no less than two times per school year. The evaluation instrument shall be written and designed in such a way to suggest those characteristics and attributes recognized to indicate quality instructional performance. All individuals being evaluated in accordance with this policy shall be issued a copy of the evaluation in a timely manner with the original copy of the evaluation placed into the personnel file of the individual being evaluated. While the evaluations are to be signed and dated by both parties to the evaluation, it shall be recognized the signing by the employee shall not be regarded to convey full and total agreement with provisions of the evaluation report. Employees may submit in written form an opposing view of the evaluation or of the comments of the evaluation which shall be placed into the personnel file.

Building principals may be evaluated in written form should the superintendent of schools deem a written evaluation is appropriate for any or all of the building principals.

(Adoption date 11/19/80)

(Amended 9/16/87)
William Phelps,
Feb 19, 2013, 11:58 AM