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GCQA Policy - Instructional Staff Reduction In Force

The Board of Trustees may, in its sole discretion, terminate the contract of a teacher at
the end of any school year because of a decrease in the size of faculty due to decreased
enrollment, combining of school districts, financial need, change in programs, or other
events beyond the control of the Board. In the event of a need to reduce the number of
instructional staff, notice shall be given to the teachers whose contracts will not be
renewed pursuant to W.S. 21-7-105 and 21-7-106(a) except the request for a hearing shall
not apply.
If the Board for any reason elects to grant a teacher being terminated a hearing, such
hearing shall be before the Board of Trustees unless the Board elects to appoint a hearing
officer to act on its behalf.
The determination as to which continuing contract teacher shall be terminated shall be
based upon the recommendation of the Superintendent after consultation with other
District administrators involved in the programs where the reduction will occur. The
Superintendent shall make a recommendation based upon what he believes will result in
providing the best educational program for the students of the School District. The
Superintendent may consider any and all factors or criteria the Superintendent believes
are appropriate to base his recommendation upon.
This policy shall not be applicable to initial contract teachers whose contracts may be
non-renewed without applying this policy.
Adopted: 02/15/04
Revised Code: GCPA to GCQA 02/21/17
NaCole Stevens,
Feb 22, 2017, 8:55 AM