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GDBC Policy - Classified/Support Staff Supplementary Pay-Overtime

Code: GDBC


Overtime at the rate of time and one-half will be earned by any classified employee required to work more than forty (40) hours during the work week.  If compensatory time is to be given in lieu of payment, it will be taken during the work week in which it has been earned or as soon as possible thereafter. 

All overtime must have prior approval of the Superintendent or his designee. 

Each employee is responsible for properly documenting the time that he/she arrives at or leaves work.  The employee must properly record the time on his/her time sheet each time he/she arrives at work, and each them he/she leaves, including each time he/she leaves work for lunch and other breaks.  The time entered on the time sheets should be rounded to the nearest quarter hour increment, (i.e., 7:45, 8:00, etc.).  It is the employee’s responsibility to keep track of his/her hours, and to seek prior approval of his/her supervisor if the employee feels he/she must work overtime to adequately perform his/her duties. 

The above provisions do not apply to supervisory or managerial personnel. 

Classified employees whose attendance is required at meetings beyond their work hours will be paid at the regular rate for the time required unless it exceeds the forty (40) hours during the work week.  

(Adoption date  11/19/80)
(Amended  9/16/87)
(Amended  2/21/17)