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JC Policy_School Attendance Areas

Code: JC


The superintendent will, as needed, make recommendations to the Board on the maintenance or alteration of established attendance areas. 

Attendance areas will be approved by the Board with all modifications or alterations in attendance areas also approved by the Board. 

The Board, as needed, may make exceptions when it would be in the best interests of the school district and its students. 

Actions to establish, modify or alter attendance areas will give priority consideration to the operational needs of the school system, demographic data, and the impact on the educational program.  Any recommendation for establishment or alteration of boundaries will include an analysis and justification based on these factors. 

Except where the foregoing factors influence boundary line, the established areas will permit each student to attend the school nearest his place of residence. 

Students will be expected to attend school in the attendance area in which they live except when circum­stances otherwise justify an exception. 

Exceptions to attendance within an attendance area may be made by the Superintendent, following consultation with affected principals.  Should parents not agree with the Superintendent's decision, they may appeal to the Board for a final determination.  Any request for an exception brought to the Board must contain a recommendation from the Superintendent. 

If the student's family moves to another school attendance area within the district during the school year, the student may be transferred to the new school or if the parent consents, the student may be permitted to complete their education at the school which they were attending at the time of the move.  The parents may be required in such event to provide any additional transportation which is necessary. 

Adoption Date:  3/21/2017