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JFAB-E_Sublette County School District No. 9 Application for Admission of Non-Resident Students

Code: JFAB-E



            I, ______________________________________________________, a resident of (City)_______________________________,___________________________ County, (State)_____________________, do hereby request an admission of my child to attend school in Sublette County School District No. 9. for the ________________ school year.  I understand that this request for admission is only good for one year and if approved, is only approved for one school year, and I will need to reapply for admission of my child prior to the 31st day of August of each school year thereafter.  I understand that the decision of the school district as to whether or not to readmit my child is discretionary with the school and that the school may elect to not admit my child for any reason it deems appropriate, including financial concerns, staffing concerns, attendance problems, behavioral problems, or any other reason it deems proper. 

The Superintendent may, on a provisional basis, admit my child if I cannot apply sufficiently in advance to allow the Board of Trustees to act on my application.  Such admittance shall be provisional only and with the understanding that if not approved by the Board of Trustees, will not be binding upon the School District.

I do further represent that I have made arrangements to have my child's school records from my child's previous school transmitted to Sublette County School District No. 9.

My child requires the following special education services (i.e., resource room, hearing impairment, speech, physical therapy, or other special services) LIST: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

I verify that all needed special services are listed above.  I understand that my failure to list any identified service or needs may result in the decision to admit my child being revoked. 

The age of the child is ______________.  I am requesting that the child be enrolled in ________ grade at _______________________________________­ school. 

Submitted this ________ day of _________________________, 2_____. 






(Both parents must sign unless one parent has full child custody)







(______) _____________________

Telephone Number

Adoption Date: 03/21/17