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JFCBA Policy - School Bus Scheduling and Routing

The development of bus schedules, bus stops, and the arrangement of bus routes shall be prepared by the superintendent and the board of trustees in consultation with the school district head bus driver.

It shall be the intent of all involved in the organization of student route transportation to cause an arrangement of student bussing designed to benefit the greatest number in the most cost effective manner as possible. While the intent shall be to restrict school busses to state or county roads, the Board shall reserve in total the right to make adjustments to the student bussing program as it may deem to be warranted in the best interest of the school district. It shall be recognized that changes or modifications to the school bussing arrangement shall normally be made during the month of June. Emergency situations may be dealt with ate regular or celled special meeting.

Parents of students riding school busses shall have the responsibility of transporting or otherwise ensuring their children arrive at the bus stop where bus service will commence in an appropriate and timely manner.

(Adoption date 11/1 9/8O)

(Amended 9/ 16/87)

(Amended 5/17/90)
William Phelps,
Feb 27, 2013, 12:05 PM