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JFCC-R - Student Conduct on School Buses - Regultions

The following regulations are intended to insure the safe transportation of students between their homes and the school. If there is any question in regard to these regulations, students should consult with the Principal or transportation supervisor.

1. Students will not approach the bus until it has come to a complete halt.

2. Students, until they are ready to leave the bus, will remain in their seats.

3. The rear door will be used only in time of emergency.

4. Once a student has boarded the bus, he will not leave the bus until the destination is reached; that is, the regular stop at his home or at school. Students will be permitted to load and unload only at scheduled stops, not downtown.

5. Absolutely no profane language will be tolerated on the bus.

6. Excessive noise shall not be permitted.

7. There will be no defacing of the bus, such as sticking gum to the seats or walks; using sharp instruments to cut leather or to carve; throwing paper and candy wrappers on floors; and/or deliberate littering or defacing of the bus. The bus driver, if he deems it necessary, is permitted to make specific regulations for his bus with the approval of the transportation supervisor.

8. Students will not put arms or heads out of windows.

9. No windows are to be opened without the specific permission of the driver.

10. Scuffling and fighting on the bus will not be tolerated.

11. Use of alcohol, controlled substances, or any form of tobacco or smoking substances is not permitted on any school bus.

12. If a student does not heed the above regulations, the following procedures will be followed:

a. The driver will notify the student that he is not permitted to ride the bus until (1) the driver notifies the Superintendent, and (2) the parents and students meet with the Superintendent and reach an agreement.

13. A student enrolled in a private school shall be permitted to ride school busses in accordance with current provisions of appropriate statute.

(Adoption date 11/19/80)

(Amended 9/16/87)

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