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JG - Assignment of Students to Classes and Grade Levels

Code JG


Students transferring to the School District will have all records evaluated and may be tested with appropriate placement examinations.  Placement developed during regulation is tentative pending arrival of official records or placement examination.  The administration will assign the student after a thorough evaluation of the records and/or placement examinations. 


Students transferring to the School District from a home-based educational program may be required to take a school-selected examination in one or more of the following areas to determine proper grade placement in reading, writing, mathematics, civics, history, literature, and science.  The administration of the school, in consultation with appropriate personnel, will determine grade/course placement. 


Students who are residents of the District and who are receiving their education through a home-based educational program may request that the school allow admission of the home-school student to participate in isolated courses by the School District.  The School District is not required to accept students who only want to participate in isolated classes without being enrolled as a full-time student within the School District.  The School District will, however, consider any request for a home-schooled student to participate in specific classes being offered by the School District.  The decision of whether or not to allow such participation is left to the sole discretion of the School District.  In the event the School District determines to accept a request for a home-schooled student to participate in specific classes offered by the school, the School District shall require the student and student’s parents to comply with the School District’s admissions process, including immunization requirements.  Students who are allowed to participate in courses offered by the School District shall be subject to all the same policies, rules, regulations and course requirements as are applicable to all other students participating in that class.  Approval for admission into a class requested for the home-school student does not require the School District to approve admission into any other classes.  The District may in its sole discretion approve admission into some courses and not others.  Priority will be given to full-time enrolled students within the District as to admission into all classes offered by the School District.  Admission of home-schooled students will be on a case-by-case basis for each student and each class.  A new request must be made by the home-schooled student and will be evaluated by the School District as to every class or course requested, including an advanced level class or any class that the home-schooled student might have been approved for.  Participation in any one class by a home-schooled student will not guarantee participation in any other class. 

Adopted:  03/21/17