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JK_Student Discipline

Code: JK


The Board believes that effective pupil discipline is a prerequisite for sound educational practice and productive learning.  The objectives of disciplining any student must be to help the student develop a positive attitude toward self-discipline and socially acceptable behavior. 

School rules and regulations are applicable to school grounds and adjacent premises, all activities sponsored by the school, and all situations while students are arriving in school-provided or school-arranged vehicles as well as while students are walking to and from school. 

The Board, administrators and teachers have joint responsibility for the maintenance of student discipline. 

The help of the pupil's parents will be of invaluable aid to the Board and the school staff in maintaining discipline.  The Board and staff needs, seeks, and expects this help. 

A teacher or administrator may use reasonable force as is necessary for the purpose of restoring safety in an emergency situation constituting an imminent risk to health or safety of students, staff or others.  In situations where restraint and/or seclusion of a student might otherwise be necessary, staff should utilize those procedures as set forth for restraint and seclusion in board policy JLJ, and JLJ-R. 

The Board shall give support and protection, legal and otherwise, to its staff in carrying out their respective responsibilities in the maintenance of good school discipline so long as the conduct is reasonable. 

Procedures for handling general and major discipline problems, which are designed to achieve these broad objectives and maintain the necessary degree of order in the school, will be developed and included within policy and student handbooks.

Generally the teacher shall have the primary responsibility and authority for the maintenance of discipline in all school situations.  If the teacher's efforts to solve the problems are unsuccessful, the student may be referred to the principal or his/her designee who has responsibility and authority to use such reasonable measures as may be necessary to maintain appropriate discipline.  The principal shall establish and implement the rules and regulations for discipline in his/her school which govern the conduct of students.

The principal has the authority to impose suspension on students for failure to comply with school rules and regulations and if it should become necessary, to recommend to the superintendent of schools the expulsion of students.

Adoption Date: 11/19/80

Revised: 3/23/15
Amended: 3/21/17
NaCole Stevens,
May 3, 2018, 3:12 PM