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JI Student Awards and Scholarships

The Board wishes to encourage and applaud any student whose outstanding achievement in academics, sports, or co-curricular activities earns student recognition both in and beyond the school district.

Occasionally a student may receive an honor or award which requires traveling--either to receive the award or participate in a special activity, such as a conference, concert, or to serve as an officer or delegate to a state or national organization. As found desirable, the Board will offer financial assistance to a student award winner or office holder, to enable him/her to attend the award ceremony or conference. The “Superintendent” shall make recommendations to the Board concerning any student requests for assistance, taking into consideration the following: 

1. Does the award or honor represent an unusual, significant, and worthwhile experience for the student?

2. Can the district help the student without detracting from the educational needs of other students?
Mar 1, 2013, 11:59 AM