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JLCC_Communicable-Infectious Diseases

Code:  JLCC


The principal and/or school nurse will consult as needed with local health department officials for specific measures in handling suspected cases of communicable disease.  School officials will cooperate with the local health department which has the discretion to institute appropriate measures to control or eliminate the spread of a disease in the school population.  This may include the recommendation for closure of school or exclusion of susceptible persons from school.  Students infected with a serious communicable disease will not be automatically excluded from school attendance.  Possible exclusion cases will be individually examined by the principal and school nurse and such other persons as may be appointed by the superintendent.  In the event of a need to exclude a student from school for more than ten (10) days, the principal and/or superintendent shall make a recommendation to the board who shall make the final decision. 

If in the judgment of the school building administrator there is a reasonable risk of the student transmitting the disease to others, the school building administrator may exclude the student from school for up to ten (10) days and may require that the student be examined by a physician designated by the district.  The school building administrator may require a written statement of health from the district physician in order for the affected student to re-enter school.  If the exclusion from school is to last for more than ten (10) days, that decision shall be made by the school board. 

Criteria will be established to determine whether a student with communicable, contagious and/or infectious disease, including common childhood diseases, will be permitted to attend classes.  All cases will be reviewed on an individual basis, with consideration given for the infected student's health and safety as well as for the health and safety of other students and employees. 

If it is determined that the student will not be permitted to attend classes and/or participate in school activities, arrangements will be made to provide an alternative educational program.

Records of a student who has a communicable, contagious, and/or infectious disease, other than a common childhood disease, will be kept confidential and the name of the indiv­idual will not be revealed publicly.  Information regarding the child and the disease or infectious condition will be released to those school personnel needing to be aware of the condition for health and safety purposes. 

In the case of any decision to exclude a student made by the building administrator, the decision may be appealed to the superintendent who shall review the matter and render a decision within three (3) working days. 

Any decisions that are made by the Board of Trustees shall be final. 

AIDS is a reportable, sexually transmitted, disease (STD); therefore, the county health officer and/or the state health officer or AIDS program coordinator at the State must be notified. 

Adoption Date:  03/21/17

NaCole Stevens,
Mar 7, 2019, 4:23 PM