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JLCF-R_Emergency Administration of Stock Opiate Antagonist

Code: JLFC-R


Per Wyoming State Statutes 35-4-901 through 35-4-906, the school district participates in an optional program in which stock opiate antagonist, available at school locations, can be administered by the school nurse or other trained school district personnel, to a student whom the school nurse or trained school district personnel believes is experiencing an opioid overdose.

Trained district personnel, upon identifying signs and symptoms of an opioid overdose, will follow the established protocol for administration of a stock opiate antagonist.

1.      Staff training regarding recognition of opioid overdose and appropriate care will be provided by building or other district nurse. Staff may include but is not limited to classroom teachers, specials teachers, office, coaching, and transportation staff.

a.       Training will include

                                                              i.      Identification of an opioid overdose

                                                            ii.      Administration of a stock opioid antagonist

                                                          iii.      Demonstration of administration of opioid antagonist

                                                          iv.      Understanding that Emergency Medical Services must be called for additional medical care and evaluation

                                                            v.      Documentation of incident and record of administration

                                                          vi.      Reporting requirements for the district and to the Wyoming Department of Health in the manner and form prescribed by the Department

b.      Training records will be completed and stored for seven years.

2.      Storage and Security

a.       Building administrator and nurse to determine storage location, access and security of stock opioid antagonist

b.      Building and/or nursing coordinator to monitor expiration dates of stock opioid antagonist

3.      District Activities

a.       Coaches and activity sponsors may participate in training for the care of opioid overdose and the administration of an opioid antagonist

b.      Stock opioid antagonist will be accessible at building locations during, before, and after school activities.

c.       Coaches and sponsors of activities who are trained to administer the stock opiate antagonist are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the location of building stock opioid antagonist

4.      Procurement of stock opioid antagonist

a.       A practitioner or pharmacist as defined by W.S. 35-4-902(a)(iii) and (iv), including a practitioner in the county health office, may write prescriptions for stock opiate antagonists as needed.

b.      Standing orders received from a practitioner or pharmacist will be approved for the administration of stock opioid antagonist on an annual basis.

c.       The School District may purchase or obtain stock opioid antagonist from a variety of vendors and pursue grants for the purchase of these medications.

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