CBA Policy - Qualifications and Duties of the Superintendent

Title: Superintendent of Schools


Must possess qualifications in education, training and experience that meet the certification requirements established by the State Board of Education.

Any other qualifications found necessary and appropriate by the Board. Reports to: Board of Trustees Supervises: Principals and, generally all staff.


1. Executive – The Superintendent shall act as the chief executive officer of the Board and shall be responsible for the executive of policies adopted by the Board. He shall be responsible for the supervision of the school plant and school employees and shall be in direct control of all school activities.

2. Advisory - The Superintendent shall act as professional advisor to the Board in the formation of school policies. He shall be present at all meetings and shall have a voice in the discussions, but he shall not have the right to vote.

3. Professional – The Superintendent is the budget officer of the Board. He shall prepare the present to the Board, a preliminary budget, on or before May 15th. The annual budget will be presented to the Board for adoption or modification at a meeting in July. After adoption, the budget will direct the purchases of the superintendent.

a. Nominations - The Superintendent will nominate, for election by the Board, all employees of the district. The Board shall not employ persons who do not receive a recommendation for employment from the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall follow the adopted salary schedule. He shall also recommend the dismissal of teachers and other employees. He shall have the authority to fill all temporary vacancies and to make such other temporary arrangements relative to the conduct of the schools as may be necessary.

b. Assignment of Personnel - The Superintendent shall make assignments or transfers that are, in his professional judgment, necessary to secure the highest efficiency of the entire staff.

c. Textbooks, Supplies, and Materials - The Superintendent shall be responsible for providing, through regularly delegated channels, teachers, students, and custodians with the necessary textbooks, supplies, and materials to carry on their activities.

d. School Calendar - The Superintendent shall recommend to the Board a school calendar no later than the regular meeting in April. The calendar shall, as a minimum, meet the State requirement for the number of days that school is in session.

4. Supervisory –

a. Instructional Quality - The Superintendent shall be responsible for the supervision of instruction. He shall visit classrooms whenever necessary, observing the work of both pupils and teachers, and making suggestions that will promote the interest of the school. He shall, in every way possible, aid, counsel, and encourage teachers in their work. He shall meet with teachers as often as he shall deem necessary for the purpose of discussing methods of instruction and management. He shall review the quality of building administration through regular conferences and evaluation of Principals.

b. Relationship with Employees - The Superintendent shall be the educational leader, striving to instill a professional attitude in staff members. He shall delegate responsibility and authority to employees, keeping in mind that he is a-countable to the Board for results. He shall also encourage individual initiative on the part of employees.

c. Curriculum - The Superintendent shall direct studies to determine the adequacy of the curriculum and recommend to the Board new sources of study or improvements in the organization of the curriculum as the need arises.

d. Activities - The Superintendent shall review and evaluate the activities program and recommend changes to the Board as the need arises.

5. Public Relations - The Superintendent shall inform the public and the Board of the school conditions and needs. He shall interpret the school program, its aims and objectives, activities, and problems, to the public. He shall take the necessary action to provide an adequate public relations program.

(Adoption date 11/19/80)

Amended 3/19/97