CBD_Superintendent's Contract

                                                   Code:  CBD


The superintendent's contract shall be considered for renewal at or before the last board meeting in January.  

Once a contract is offered to the superintendent, he must accept the contract within thirty (30) days after receiving the contract or the position will be declared open.  

The salary of the superintendent will be determined at the time of appointment and will be reviewed by the board each year.  Additional benefits, vacation entitlement, and other leave, will be determined at the time of appointment or renewal.  Other forms of benefits including insurance, annual vacation, holidays, and temporary and extended leaves and absences will be at least equal to those granted other 12-month administrators.  

The Superintendent will not be considered as falling under the Wyoming Teacher Employment law.  The Superintendent may be terminated at the end of any written contract period in accordance with the terms of the contract without stated reasons and without a hearing.  The Superintendent will in no way assume that he or she may have a guarantee or expectancy of continued employment in the district except as provided in the Superintendent's written contract.  Except as set forth in the Superintendent's written contract, there is no district policy, rule, understanding, agreement, or conduct, expressed or implied, applicable to superintendents which give rise in any manner to any right, promise, guarantee, representation or expectancy of continued employment of contract renewal.  Only the Board of Trustees can offer employment and it does so only by formal action pursuant to the terms of the Superintendent's written contract.  Formal Board action is the only district action upon which superintendents can rely for being renewed or continued in employment.  

Adoption Date:  11/19/80

Amended Date: 3/19/97

Amended Date: 6/19/14

Tanya Greenwell,
Jun 24, 2014, 9:52 AM