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EBAA_Notification of Pesticide Application on or Within School Buildings

Code: EBAA


Pursuant to W.S. '35-7-375, if the School District receives notice from any commercial applicator licensed under W.S. '35-7-359, or any other person providing notification that such person will apply a pesticide under W.S. '35-7-354(d) on or within any building or other real property used by the School District primarily for the education of students, including any property used by the District for student activities or playground, the School District shall notify students, teachers and staff of the anticipated pesticide application.  The School District shall ensure that the notices distributed shall be marked with a distribution date and include information indicating the date of application, location of application or treatment area, the pest to be controlled, name and type of pesticide to be applied, and a contact for additional information.  The School District shall retain the notices distributed for two (2) years following the application of the pesticide.  

The School District shall, prior to application of the pesticide, contact the applicator and coordinate with the applicator to ensure that signs are posted on the school building or property stating the date of the application, the location of the application or treatment area, the name and type of pesticide to be applied, and the contact for additional information.  The School District, upon request, shall provide information on how to obtain additional information on the pesticide. 

Not less than twelve (12) hours before application of pesticides within school buildings, signs shall be posted at main entrances to school buildings and at entrances to the specific application areas within the buildings.  If pesticide application is made outdoors to any area adjacent to a school building or on property used by the District for student activities or playgrounds, signs shall be posted immediately adjacent to the treated area and at the entrance to the District property.  The signs shall remain posted for seventy-two (72) hours. 

Anti-microbial pesticides, defined by W.S. '35-7-354(d) such as disinfectants and sanitizers used by school employees for cleaning purposes and insect or rodent-bait stations of the type available for home use are exempted from the notification and posting requirements described above. 

Adopted:  9/20/2001

Amended:  5/17/2016

NaCole Stevens,
May 23, 2016, 1:05 PM