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EC_Buildings-Grounds-Property Management

Code: EC

The board recognizes that the education of children is dependent upon many factors, including a proper physical environment which is safe, clean, attractive, pleasant, and functions smoothly. 

The care, custody and safekeeping of all school property will be the general responsibility of the head maintenance person under the direction of the Superintendent. It will be the Maintenance/Custodial Supervisor’s responsibility to establish procedures and ensure the proper maintenance and safekeeping of school property.  The principal, in conjunction with the Maintenance/Custodial Supervisor, will be responsible for the proper care and maintenance of the building, equipment, and grounds at each building.  The principal will establish the duties of custodian and maintenance employees assigned to his/her building in consultation with the Maintenance/Custodial Supervisor. He/She will also be responsible for supervising and evaluating the work of those assigned to his/her building. 

Adoption Date:  9/19/17

NaCole Stevens,
Jan 17, 2018, 10:07 AM