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EEA - Student Transportation

Code:  EEA


The Board of Trustees will furnish school bus transpor­tation to all elementary and secondary school pupils to the extent determined by the administration and approved by the Board of Trustees.  This may vary due to safety conditions which prevail on certain areas. 

Pupil transportation is a necessary service and an integral part of the total educational program.  Major objectives of the pupil transportation program are to: 

1.         provide safe transportation;

2.         operate an efficient, economical transportation system;

3.         adapt transportation to the requirements of the instructional program; 

4.         maintain conditions on the buses which are conducive to the best interests of students including mental, moral, and physical considerations; 

5.         furnish transportation to those students residing outside the city limits. 


Board of Trustees -- The Board of Trustees shall adopt policies governing transportation and shall, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, include adequate funds to operate the transportation system. 

Superintendent -- The Superintendent shall assign administrative and operational duties and shall keep the Board informed as to the operation and needs of the transportation program.  The Superin­tendent shall recommend policies, funding, and bus routes/stops to the Board of Trustees for approval. 

Transportation Director -- The Transportation Director shall be responsible for the supervision and coordination of all transporta­tion vehicles and all personnel directly related to pupil transportation.  He/she shall recommend the scheduling and routing of all buses and shall be responsible for the mechanical upkeep of all vehicles.  He shall arrange for bus driver training, supervised record-keeping, scheduling, and other related assignments. 

Principals -- Principals shall be responsible for pupil conduct while pupils are waiting on the campuses for buses and shall cooperate fully with the transportation department on any student behavior problems. 


All buses used to transport students shall conform fully to Wyoming State School Bus Regulations and shall be inspected by State Highway Department officials prior to the annual opening of school. 


Adoption Date:  11/19/1980 (JFCB)

Revised:  01/20/16 changed to EEA

NaCole Stevens,
Jan 21, 2016, 1:30 PM